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What Readers Are Saying About The Domain Tax Guide™:

"A real eye opener!!! Must read book for anyone involved in buying and selling domains"
-Steven Maroulis

"My accountant and I were looking for exactly the kind of guide you have written with as much 'back up' as possible which you did. Good job."
-Eric Rice, DomainsForMedia.com

"I just finished reviewing the guide and recommend it without hesitation. I found the guide easy to read despite being written by an accountant. Many accountants have difficulty writing about taxes in a way we can all understand."
-Andrew Allemann, DomainNameWire.com

"I recently purchased and read The Domain Tax Guide. Having searched for domain name accounting and tax info all over the Internet, I found this to be an excellent consolidated source of very practical information. Thank you for writing this."
-Dave, Domainer

"Thanks for making your outstanding book available Sandy! There are many resources for domainers to refine the valuation, research, buying and selling of both domains and websites. However, there are few resources that will walk you through the necessary steps to formalize your domain work into a viable business structure. We were fortunate to find the best out there in the Domain Tax Guide. It saves us countless hours of research, and will help increase our bottom line in years to come."
-J. Lenley Woodard, Domainer


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