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The tax guide that every U.S. domainer needs. If you buy, manage, and sell domain names, you MUST own the Domain Tax Guide™.

A note from author
Sandra K. Brooks, CPA:

Don't get confused - there is only one Domain Tax Guide. My guide was written in 2007 and has been updated every year since then. It is clear, concise, and conversational. Rather than just a rehash of the tax code, the Domain Tax Guide is an intellectual analysis of the tax treatment of domain names, coming to some definite conclusions that actually help domainers. The Domain Tax Guide has been successfully used in IRS audits to support and defend domainers' positions. This year, I have lowered the price to make it more affordable to all domainers.



  • How do I classify domain income?

  • How do I deduct domain expenses?

  • How do I report capital gains & losses?

  • Is a domain like a trademark?

  • Sole proprietorship, corporation or LLC?

  • Cash or accrual method of accounting?

  • Do I depreciate or amortize my domain costs?

  • Can I deduct a domain name given to charity?

  • What is active vs. passive income (and why do I care)?

  • Where do I incorporate my business?

  • And more!

  • Keeping business records separate

  • Deducting home office expenses

  • Selling your domaining business

  • Selling multiple domains

  • And more!

  • Prepare your own taxes - every form you need / fill-in forms included!

  • Use a tax preparer - arm your advisor with an in-depth analysis of the domain industry.

The Domain Tax Guide™ is an ebook in .pdf format,
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